Monday, January 31, 2011

Orange you glad...

I called my friend the other day to see if she wanted to keep me company on a recon trip to look for photo spots in Vacaville :o) She let me know that she needed some help with a photography assignment for her newest class at school. I gladly assisted her and after a minor detour after killing my car battery we set out to take care of her assignment on aperture. After we were done getting the shots she needed I messed around with our fruity props added some floral touches and had some fun :)

Follow the orange peel road

Oranges and gardenias

Played with the depth of field a little :)
To the mother ship!

and of course I played with a few treatments :)

It was fun to play with stills :) I don't do nearly enough of it :o) Until next time :o)

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